Smokehouse Tap room is now open!

134 Union Street, Berwick, NS
Phone: (902) 375-2555
Sun - Tues: 12 - 6pm | Wed - Sat: 12 - 8pm

About Smokehouse Nano Brewery

The Smokehouse Nano Brewery is a small scale micro craft brewery located in the heart of Berwick Nova Scotia. The brewery is currently located at a property that was once a well known local smokehouse. The 61 year old smokehouse under went a major renovation to transform it into the modern day Nano Brewery that it is today.

The current owners and long time craft brewers turned their passion for craft beer into a small fully operational Nano Brewery. With well over 25 years of brewing experience, along with the help of fellow accomplished craft brewers Gerald Peters and Tim Peters. Mike and Shelly Peters have turned their passion for brewing into a successful Nano Brewery specializing in small batches of quality craft beer

Our Beer Flavors

Every so often a new recipe we create really stands out.

These brews, unique creations that delight the senses, don't always make it into our staple line up but we love to share them with you, our customer. Hearing your thoughts, listening to your feedback, laughing at the adventures that ensued are all part of the joy of craft brewing and knowing your customers. These fine beverages are limited releases with their availability determined by our source of fresh, local ingredients or the particular holiday or special occasion on the horizon.

Whatever the reason, we hope you enjoy drinking them as much as we enjoy brewing them!


Where To Buy

You can find our delicious beer at many great restaurants and venues across Annapolis Valley.

Smokehouse Taproom

 134 Union St, Berwick, NS

Sunday - Tuesday: 12 - 6pm | Wednesday - Saturday: 12 - 8pm

Give us a call!

Kellock's Restaurant

160 Commercial St, Berwick, NS

The Union Street

183 Commercial Street, Berwick, NS

Troy Restaurant

12 Elm Avenue, Wolfville, NS

Berwick Curling Club

250 Veterans Drive, Berwick, NS

Berwick Heights Golf Course

3060 Hwy 221, Weston, NS

Check back often as we continue to work more great locations.

Are you interested in an exclusive house beer?
We would love to work with your establishment!

Contact Information

Smokehouse Taproom

  • (902) 375-2555
  • 134 Union Street
    Berwick, NS, B0P 1E0

Smokehouse Nano Brewery

  • (902) 680-5243
  • 170 Cottage Street
    Berwick, NS, B0P 1E0

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