Specialty Beers

Specialty Beers

Smoken IPA

6.9% ABV, 55 IBU

A highly hopped American IPA with a nice balance of malts and bitters. With a healthy dose of Citra, Cascade and Warrior hops this is a favorite with the IPA drinkers.

Brickhouse APA

5.8% ABV, 32 IBU

The Brickhouse APA is created around a traditional American Pale Ale. With a nice light malt body and crisp finish it allows the Falconer Flight and Cascade hops to offer just the right hop balance for this style.

Red River Rye IPA

6.3% 56 IBU

A unique twist on a mainstream rye beer, Red River Rye incorporates the flavors of Red River cereal with lots of oats, wheat and rye (as well as some midnight wheat) Which creates a complex malt profile complimented by spicy, citrus, pine flavors from the hops.

This nicely balanced IPA comes to the Smokehouse compliments of fellow brewer Tim Peters.

Bigboy Kickstarter DIPA

9.0% 140 IBU

A heavily hopped DIPA with enormous amounts of North American hops and malts including a good dose of Honey. This DIPA is surprisingly smooth and well complimented with a nice juicy hop profile.

The name Bigboy Kickstarter ( BK ) was a joint effort by Ryan and James, a couple of our die hard IPA customers.

Punch Hill Porter

5.1% 29 IBU

An English style medium Porter with mild chocolate/nutty flavors and a lightly smoked finish. This beer is brewed with traditional English malts and hops that produce a lovely evening sip.

Another recipe that comes to Smokehouse compliments of fellow brewer Gerald Peters.

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